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The Original Miracle Cloth Since 1975...

Miracle Cloth is a brass polisher, silver polish, wood polish, bumper and trim cleaner, gun cleaner and more.


Miracle Cloth is a brass polisher, silver polish, wood polish, bumper and trim cleaner, gun cleaner and more.Make Your Brass, Silver, Copper, And Bronze Shine In Minutes Not Hours.

To describe this fantastic product in one word, it is... Incredible!

"The time you save cleaning, you can invest in your own pursuits of life, liberty and happiness."

 Even though there are a dozens of cleaning and polishing cloths on the market,

The Miracle Cloth
The All Purpose Cleaning And Polishing Cloth... NOW WITH COCOANUT OIL!

A revolutionary new polishing cloth that replaces and out performs a full shelf of liquid, paste and powder cleaners.

Even removes heel and scuff marks from floors.

There is nothing that works as well, not just for one kind of cleaning but for all surfaces... nothing that can be used over and over till every bit of chemical-saturated fabric is loaded with dirt and grime.

Miracle Cloth is Satisfaction Guaranteed It is a brass polisher, silver polish, wood polish, bumper and trim cleaner, gun cleaner and more.We know these and the following claims sound impossible, but the Miracle Cloth with Cocoanut Oil really does it all and more... hence the name. Please remember, we offer you a 30-Day 100% Total Satisfaction Or Money-Back Guarantee. This has been our guarantee since 1975.

Do Not Be Confused... 
This is the Original Miracle Cloth, 
a chemically treated cotton cloth which smells like cocoanut. 

This is NOT the Miracle or Magic Micro Fiber Cloth you use with water. 

To read about the Magic Micro Fiber Cloth go to http://MagicMicroCloth.com
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One original MIRACLE CLOTH cleans, polishes and waxes everything in the house or shop.

    Musical Instruments - Wood and Metal, Polishes all metal and wooden instruments, accordionsIncluding:
      • Musical Instruments - Wood and Metal
      • Machines and Tools
      • Aluminum Doors and Windows
      • The Car Body
      • Bumper and Trim
      • Wheels and Hub Caps
      • Golf Clubs
      • Guns  - Gun Cleaning? Click Here!
      • Fishing Tackle
      • Outboard Motors
      • even the Kitchen Sink.
The Miracle Cloth Also:
  • Removes scuff marks from floors;
  • Removes heel marks from tile;
  • Removes bad corrosion from metals;
  • Removes rust stains from bathtubs, wash bowls, etc.;
  • Removes rust from bumpers, trim, wheels, hub caps;
  • Removes road film form glass and metals
  • Removes alcohol, water, ink and heat stains from
  • furniture, etc.;
  • Removes surface scratches from furniture, enamel,
  • and silver;
  • Removes burn marks from electrical appliance,
  • porcelain stoves, etc.;
  • Removes paint spots from metal, glass porcelain,
  • tile and varnished surfaces.
Musician's Love The Miracle Cloth
  • Polishes all metal and wooden instruments, accordions 

  • and cymbals;
  • Cleans lacquered instruments without harm.
Sports Dream
  • Polishes and waxes the wood and enamel parts and removes rust and corrosion from the metal of golf clubs, fishing tackle, boats, guns and outboard motors.
It's a lifesaver for hotels, restaurants, schools, offices and the like -- keeps things sparkling clean with the least possible effort.
The Miracle Cloth Has Many Uses!
  • Sterling Silver
  • Plated Silverware
  • Pewter
  • Gold
  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Auto Body
  • Bronze
  • Furniture and Antiques
  • Enamel
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Removes scuff marks from floors.
  • Removes bad corrosion from metals.
  • Now
    The Miracle Cloth

    Classic Miracle Cloth
    All Purpose Cleaning And Polishing 
    New Larger 9 x 12 inches 
    (23 mm x 30 mm)
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