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Miracle Cloth CoverYou Asked For It...
The Heavy Duty
Miracle Cloth...

Make Your Large Brass, Silver, Copper And Bronze Shine In Minutes Not Hours.

To describe this fantastic product in one word, it is... Incredible!

Even though there are a dozens of cleaning and polishing cloths on the market, 

The Professional Miracle Cloth
The Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaning And Polishing Cloth!

Never Heard Of The Miracle Cloth Before?
Your best choice will probably be the "Classic" Miracle Cloth.

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"Classic" Miracle Cloth Information! 

Why The Professional Miracle Cloth?
"Ok," you may ask, "If the Classic Miracle Cloth is so great why do you need a heavy duty or industrial grade Professional Miracle Cloth."

For most purposes there is no need for a more powerful cleaning and polishing tool, than the "Classic" Miracle Cloth. The "classic" Miracle Cloth has been proven successful and revered around the globe. 

The Professional's Request...
You have told us there are times when you are called upon to restore large areas which have NOT been cleaned in years or even centuries.
You requested a Heavy Duty Miracle Cloth.

You Asked For It... It Is Here!
The Professional Miracle Cloth will last longer, it is heavy duty in every way. 

The thickness of the Professional Cloth holds more of the "secret sauce" allowing you to clean and polish larger areas faster. 

More power for the hopeless cases. The Professional Miracle Cloth's greater chemical balance speeds up the cleaning and polishing of the abused item. 

Abuse from neglete and age can make an item into what others might call unrecoverable. These impossible items, also, will most often come clean and sparkle with the Classic Miracle Cloth. The Professional may simply do the job faster.

Small Areas. 
Miracle Cloth Cleans GunsTo clean and polish the smaller areas, like inside of handles, the Classic Miracle Cloth should be your choice. In order to effectively use The Professional Cloth you must cut the cloth into into small strips. Gun Cleaning? Click Here!

The Bottom Line
We simply can not make the "Classic Miracle Cloth better. 
We made it heaver, thicker, and stronger.

It makes no difference to the finish and surface of the item which cloth is used. The end results are the same. 

On smaller items the thicker Professional cloth may a bit harder to use. But for larger and abused items The Professional Miracle Cloth is king.

If you are not sure which one to use order, try the both and you decide which is best for your needs. You can have a Miracle Cloth cloth for any size job.

What is the cost of this Miracle? Click Here!

The Professional Miracle Cloth Is For 
The Heavy Duty User.

You Asked Fot It...
It's Here!

Increase The Thickness!
Increase The Life!
Increase The Power!
A Heavy Duty Thicker MiracleCloth. 

The Professional is for heavy duty users with real problems and large areas to clean and polish.

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Resorts
  • Bell Keepers
  • Boat Owners
  • Auto and Body Shops
  • Lawn Mower Shops
  • Marinas
  • Grounds Keepers
  • Antique Dealers
  • Golf Equipment Restorers
  • Gun Dealers
  • Firearm Restorers
  • Large Bore Gun Owners (cut cloth into patches)
The Miracle Cloth is a revolutionary new polishing cloth that replaces and out performs a full shelf of liquid, paste and powder cleaners.

Even removes heel and scuff marks from floors.

Miracle Cloth UsersThere is nothing that works as well, not just for one kind of cleaning but for all surfaces... nothing that can be used over and over till every bit of chemical-saturated fabric is loaded with dirt and grime.

This is NOT the so called Micro Fiber Miracle Cloth. 
First... many microfiber dealers are illegally using our Miracle Cloth name but most are not worth the cost of suing, yet. We regret the confusion.
The microfiber cloth, however is a very good product for cleaning windows and many kitchen jobs. For more information on Micro Fiber products go to http://MagicMicroCloth.com

The Original Miracle Cloth is an entirely different product for a different side of cleaning and Polishing needs.

Miracle Polishing Cloth GuaranteeWe know these and the following claims sound impossible but the Miracle Cloth really does it all and more... hence the name. Please remember, we offer you a 30 Day 100% Total Satisfaction Or Money Back Guarantee.

One MIRACLE CLOTH cleans, polishes and waxes everything in the house or shop.

    Miracle Polishing Cloth polishes brassIncluding:
      • Musical Instruments
      • Machines and Tools
      • Aluminum Doors and Windows
      • Cars
      • Golf Clubs
      • Guns
      • Fishing Tackle
      • Outboard Motors
      • even the Kitchen Sink.
It's a lifesaver for hotels, restaurants, schools, offices and the like -- keeps things sparkling clean with the least possible effort.
The Miracle Cloth Has Many Uses!
  • Sterling Silver
  • Plated Silverware
  • Pewter
  • Gold
  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Auto Body
  • Bronze
  • Furniture and Antiques
  • Enamel
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Removes scuff marks from floors.
  • Removes bad corrosion from metals.
  • Miracle Cleaning Cloth Back CoverNow
    The Miracle Cloth
    Is Available In
    2 Different Strength's

    Classic Miracle Cloth
    Miracle Cloth Classic ButtonAll Purpose Cleaning And Polishing 
    New Larger 9 x 12 inches 
    (23 mm x 30 mm) 

    One (1) US$6.95 Plus $6.50 U.S. Shipping.
    Three (3) (US$20.85 Value) US$14.95 
    Plus $6.50 U.S. Shipping.

    Professional Miracle Cloth
    Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaning And Polishing 
    Large 9 x 12 inches (23 mm x 30 mm) 
    The Professional Miracle Cloth Is 
    70 Percent Thicker Cloth

    One (1) US$9.95 Plus $6.50 U.S. Shipping.
    Three (3) (US$29.85 Value)
    US$24.95 Plus $8.50 U.S. Shipping.

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    Want To Test Which Cloth 
    Is Best For Your Purpose?

    One (1) Classic Miracle Cloth
    All Purpose Cleaning And Polishing

    One (1) Professional Miracle Cloth
    Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaning And Polishing

    Tester's Special...  Save $4.00
    US$15.95 Plus $6.50 U.S. Shipping.

    Three 9 x 12 inch cloths will outlast one and one half gallons
    of furniture or metal polish.

    The Miracle Cloth is proudly made 
    in the United States of America!
    Corporate premium buyers, fund raisers, wholesalers, dealers, demonstrators inquiries welcome. Go to http://MiracleCloth.biz

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